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From this Point on:Collected writings of a ghetto boy’s life by Collen Nxumalo.
 This is a book by young man who pours out his heart; it is his simple honest life experience in a collection of poetry. I could not help but to connect with the author and feel his pain, his perseverance as he shares about his upbringing in the township, his everyday life and the hopeless ness that he sees amongst his peers in poem called “Better tomorrow”, he also shares his pain of losing his mother to cancer and you feel his pride in poem dedicated to his sister who took on the role of a mother when she passed on. He comes across as a grateful person because there is a poem in this book to salute his childhood friends, his university friends, and the team at his work place and he also honours the South African artist that he grew up listening to. This is a great book, not just for the poems, but because the young man who wrote it is a great example of perseverance and gratitude. He is a great example to the youth and I would like to tell his story to my kids when they are old enough to understand. He did not let his upbringing shape him for the worst, but his past and his environment birthed his book: From this point………. 
Title From this Point
Author Collen Nxumalo
ISBN 9780620492324

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