Friday, 17 February 2017

Vhutshilo-Havhudi: Business Woman of the Moment


Thanking you for your time.

Our plan is to profile women that are originally from Limpopo, who are running their own business or are entrepreneurs. As a successful business woman with years of experience we would like to invite you to  to be profiled on our blogpost. 

Entrepreneurship is currently a vital part of government’s plan for growing our economy. The importance of entrepreneurship culture in economy and social development cannot be overstated, to add on entrepreneur need all the support to make sure that their business grows. When you empower a woman you directly fight poverty, equality and unemployment, empowering a woman feeds families, uplifts communities and changes lives.  Women in South African are known for coming together and forming supportive structures. Vhutshilo-Havhudi is a social media platform aimed at exposing and marketing SMMEs owned by Women of Limpopo. Vhutshilo-Havhudi is a blogsport dedicated to exposing the women behind the business, how they started their business, how they juggle their lives as some are full time employed, mothers and wives. Our aim is to profile women from across all industries, from formal to informal sectors, and those who run their business full time and part time. The platform and partnership will give an opportunity to showcase their services, but also the readers can also be motivated and inspired to start their own business.

Social media is currently a great tool for marketing in big, small companies and individual business owner.  Our plan is to use social media to generate exposure for the Women in business. Social Media is a force in today’s world. 

Thanking you in advance

Vhutshilo Havhudi blogspot

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